Do you conduct International Research?
Yes. We regularly undertake projects in all parts of the world. We also coordinate projects worldwide.

Can you handle any size project?
Yes. We have conducted anything from simple, single-unit studies to complex, multi-unit, multi-country studies. Our clients range from local businesses and municipalities to Fortune 500 companies.

Does HRA do interviewing with tablets?
Yes, HRA uses iPads® to conduct interviews with respondents, if it fits the client’s needs. We also use paper/pen, if that is preferred.

Can you reach minority communities?
Absolutely. We can arrange for our research to be in conducted in a manner that will assess a representative sample of the customers or community you wish to study, even providing interviewers who are native speakers, if language is a consideration.

How big should my sample be?
HRA will work with you to determine the ideal sample size for your needs. Factors that need to be considered are: confidence level, response rate, budget, time, number of sub groups, intended statistical techniques to be used and reporting level.

What if we only want to access part of your service offering—we don’t need full service?
No problem. While we are a full service company, we have clients who need only certain services. For example, you may already have a survey design, and only need help with data collection and reporting. Let us know where you need help, and we will provide a competitive price for you to access just the services you need.

In what format will the final report be?
Our final reports are delivered in a variety of formats, including pdf, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or html files, depending on the type of study and client needs. We have many different report formats we can follow, or you can send us a format you prefer. Our team works with you so we understand the objectives for your research, and that allows us to provide you a customized report.

Should we provide an incentive to have respondents fill out a survey / answer questions?
Some surveys include an incentive for participation. This may be a small token of appreciation, cash, entry into some sort of drawing (where permitted), or a free sample of a product. Not all surveys have these incentives, but those requiring a lengthy time commitment (10 minutes +) will often provide some type of compensation or reward.

I need results quickly. How long will it take to complete our project?
HRA features one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Total turnaround time obviously depends on the complexity and scope of your project, but with real-time data uploading when using iPads® for interviewing, we can often provide results within days of data collection.

How many questions can I ask of my customers?
We advise you to ask between 8 and 20 questions however the survey length completely depends on your project and there is no limit. The majority of projects will need no more than 15 questions.

Why HRA?
HRA helps companies and organizations better understand their markets and their customers. Simply put, the methodologically sound data collection methods used by HRA have made us a leader in our industry for over four decades.